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The EIC Accelerator call is amongst the most competitive calls in the world, with merely 5% of applicants making it to the interview stage.


Evaluation / Due Diligence

The most critical part of the process is determining whether you fit the profile of a winning candidate. Hence prior to making an offer, we invest significant resources in evaluating your innovation and your readiness to succeed by examining your business plan and your available documentation.


Proposal Creation and Development

Once we work with a client, we lead the development of the entire proposal, requesting you to submit clarifications and additional material.

The proposal development can take anywhere between 2 to 6 months and will most often require several re-submissions before being invited to the jury pitch.


Preparation of Jury Pitch

About 120 applications are selected and invited to pitch in front of a jury, where 50% of them will leave with the grant.

When invited to the jury pitch, we will assist in the preparation of the pitch itself and prepare you for it.


Project Management Assistance

Once the project is secured, we will offer our assistance in the administration process leading to the signature of the contract.

In addition, as a separate service, we can help you in the management of the grant – specifically by drafting the ‘formal’ periodic project reports, leading to the unlocking of the next stages of the grant execution

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