How we work

We specialise in the EIC Accelerator, a €10bn fund set up by the EU, awarding up to €17,5 million in funding per start-up. Regarded as the holy grail of innovation funding, it is the largest, most competitive funding scheme for startups in the world.

Evaluation / Due Diligence​

Prior to making an offer, we invest significant resources in evaluating your readiness to succeed by examining your business plan and your available documentation.

Proposal Creation and Development​

Once we work with a client, we lead the development of the proposal, requesting you to submit clarifications and additional material.

Interview Preparation​

When invited to pitch in front of the jury, we will assist you with coaching.

Project Management Assistance​

Once the project is secured, we will offer our assistance in the administration process leading to the signature of the contract.

In addition, as a separate service, we can help you in the management of the grant – specifically by drafting the ‘formal’ periodic project reports

We work with the innovation champions in Europe.

Below are a selection of our clients to offer concrete case studies.

Case study


3D Ultrasonic sensors for automotive – Democratizing 3D vision through sound

Toposens offers the world’s first patented 3D ultrasonic sensor technology, enabling close-distance environment monitoring, making them suitable for (rear) automatic emergency braking, living object protection around and below the car and autonomous driving applications.

Total budget:  3.494.563 €

Case study


Armenta developed innovative non-invasive, antibiotics free therapies based on acoustic pulse technology (APT)

APT has been used for over 20 years in human healthcare  treating inflammatory diseases. Armenta aims at being considered the #1 alternative to antibiotics, endorsed by leading international organization.

Total budget:  €3.207.685

Case study



Fyteko’s Nurspray is a biostimulant that makes crops resilient to climate stress.

Nurspray activates a plant’s tolerance mechanism to drought, heat and salinity, boosting recovery and crop yield. It is non-toxic and compatible with agricultural methods.

Total budget: €2.761.813

Case study

Lithos Protect

LITHOS has developed and patented CORNPROTECT, a biological and highly effective solution for protecting corn against The Western Corn Rootworm (WCR).

As a natural solution it is absolutely non-toxic and harmless for all other organisms and the environment.

Total budget: €1.921.551

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