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With our network of innovation consultants around Europe, we apply our expertise, diverse skill sets and the full extent of our know-how to secure the funding our clients need to succeed. 

A tailored approach to competitive funding

We find the funding opportunity matching your needs and ensure that you have the profile to compete across all stages of the process. With less than 10% of applicants making the cut, we spend most of our time performing due diligence to ensure that our customers have the profile to compete across all stages of the process. 

We work with the innovation champions in Europe.

Below are a selection of our clients to offer concrete case studies.

Case study

Fibriant B.V

The RECOFIB platform is a market first recombinant production platform for human fibrinogen (rhFib) & thrombin (rhThr). 

The first producer of fully intact & functional recombinant fibrinogen and active thrombin at commercially acceptable cost ending reliance on blood plasma. The RECOFIB platform can produce individual fibrinogen variants whose specific functional properties can now be fully harnessed-a breakthrough discovery.

Total budget: €16.5M Full blended
Case study


Woodoo transforms natural wood into an augmented bio-based material by removing lignin and replacing it with a bio-based polymer.

In the process, it structurally modifies wood at the cellular and molecular level, converting it into a high-performative and aesthetically appealing construction material, that is as strong as concrete, light, durable and stunningly translucent.

Total budget: €7,8M Full blended
Case study


CQuest empowers the agents of climate positive action to maximize the impact of Nature-based Climate Solutions (NCS).

For trustworthy certification, project developers of NCS require reliable quantification of carbon sequestration in soils. Our service powered by Earth Observation is low in cost (up to 90% lower than established services), has the highest accuracy (up to 30% more accurate) and is easy to use and available on any digital device.

Total budget: €3.2M Grant First
Case study


3D Ultrasonic sensors for automotive – Democratizing 3D vision through sound

Toposens offers the world’s first patented 3D ultrasonic sensor technology, enabling close-distance environment monitoring, making them suitable for (rear) automatic emergency braking, living object protection around and below the car and autonomous driving applications.

Total budget: €3.5M Grant
Case study


Fyteko’s Nurspray is a biostimulant that makes crops resilient to climate stress.

Nurspray activates a plant’s tolerance mechanism to drought, heat and salinity, boosting recovery and crop yield. It is non-toxic and compatible with agricultural methods.

Total budget: €2.8M Grant
Case study

Lithos Protect

LITHOS has developed and patented CORNPROTECT, a biological and highly effective solution for protecting corn against The Western Corn Rootworm (WCR).

As a natural solution it is absolutely non-toxic and harmless for all other organisms and the environment.

Total budget: €1.9M Grant
Case study


Armenta developed innovative non-invasive, antibiotics free therapies based on acoustic pulse technology (APT)

APT has been used for over 20 years in human healthcare  treating inflammatory diseases. Armenta aims at being considered the #1 alternative to antibiotics, endorsed by leading international organization.

Total budget: €3.2M Grant

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