Fibriant was awarded € 16.5 M funding from EIC Accelerator to support the RECOFIB platform.

Fibriant was among 99 start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs selected, which together can receive up to € 627 million in funding, and was supported by My EU Consulting during the preparation and submission of the EIC Accelerator application.

Jaap Koopman, CEO of Fibriant, commented: “We are proud that our RECOFIB platform has been selected by the expert jury to receive support from the EIC Accelerator and was recognized to be of strategic importance to reduce the dependence on human donor plasma” .

The EIC funding comprises a 2.5 million grant, to support R &D aimed at expanding the RECOFIB platform further to broaden the therapeutic applications, and the opportunity to obtain up to € 14 million in equity investments to support scale-up of the RECOFIB platform and to enable its first clinical evaluation.

The RECOFIB platform is an innovative recombinant manufacturing platform, based on CHO cells, for human fibrinogen and thrombin, two important clotting proteins in our blood that function as 1st line responders to tissue injury. Not only do they prevent blood loss, they also trigger host defense against pathogens and support tissue repair.

Fibriant’s mission is to fully exploit the healthcare potential of the RECOFIB platform by developing two innovative medical products: RecoSeelTM an improved topical bioactive haemostat to stop bleeding during surgery, and a novel antimicrobial coating to prevent the formation of antibiotic resistant biofilms on medical implants.

To further leverage the RECOFIB platform, recombinant fibrinogen variants and thrombin will also be made available to other companies as OEM products to support development of their own end-products.

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