European Working Group of Innovation Consultants

What is the EWGIC about?

The working group aims at elaborating synergies among consultancy companies in Europe and exploring the interest to create a European association in the medium term. By joining forces on goals of common interest, the currently fragmented landscape of consultancy companies could enhance the impact of actions at European level.

As an official member of the European working group of Innovation Consultants, My EU Consulting is fully aligned with and is supporting it's Mission.

1. Create synergies between European consulting companies specialized in Research, Development & Innovation (RDI) financing and management to promote the added value their professional services bring to RDI collaborations in Europe and carry out actions of common interests and benefits for its members. 

2. Enhance a positive image of European professional innovation consulting companies by ensuring and maintaining high professionalism and ethical values among members.

3. Represent the EWGIC towards European institutions and stakeholders to defend the specific expertise and professionalism of EWGIC members and acknowledge the increased project impact they deliver to the European research community. ​

4. Identify common issues and goals of its members and pursue them in a coordinated manner on a national level by contributing to national concertation and enhancing direct dialogues with the different representations of the EU Member States.

​5. Facilitate knowledge sharing on best practices and information between members on latest evolutions in the European RDI ecosystem. ​

6. Foster the participation of the private sector to European RD&I programmes for stronger impact and exploitation of results. ​